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Fujairah holds a unique position in the UAE. It is the only emirate that lies on the eastern side of the UAE, along the Gulf of Oman, while other six emirates are along the Arabian Gulf. The Emirate derives its name from a spring of water located beneath one of the mountains. The Hajar mountain range that divides the UAE in two, from Ras Al Khaimah to Al Ain has kept Fujairah separated from the rest of the country. The historical importance of Fujairah dates back to the period before the birth of Christ. It was known in the old ages as the land of sea giants. The main cities and villages in Fujairah are Dibba, Murbeh, Qidfa, Al Bidiyah, Masafi and Al-Siji. Fujairah is a land endowed with remarkable beauty.

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Hilton Fujairah Resort
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Miramar Al Aqah Beach Resort
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